How long will ice last?

People often ask how long ice will last in the Coolest and it’s a tough question to answer as so much depends on external factors: the temperature on the day, what you have packed and how, and how frequently you open your cooler all affect the length of time ice will stay frozen.

The Coolest has been designed with a divider and we recommend you keep ice for blending drinks on the left side. On the right side, we suggest you pre-chill any food or drink before you pack your Coolest and put plenty of ice on top and maybe a couple of reusable frozen ice blocks on the bottom. 

The quality and quantity of ice will also factor in and we recommend you include some block ice if possible. Keeping your Coolest out of direct sunlight will also help. Our experience has been that we’ve used up the ice for cocktails before it ever melts!


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